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What you Get with RetailTouch

A First Class System

RetailTouch is formally accredited by many of Australia’s largest independent retail organisations. You can be confident you are receiving a professional solution.

Professional 24/7 Support

RetailTouch is supported by the experienced team at ABS POS Systems, and we provide 24/7 support that is quickly accessible by phone, not simply by online request!

WebShop Integration

RetailTouch offers an excellent option for your own integrated WebShop, for real time integration between your online sales and in-store sales.

Power & Flexibility

RetailTouch is currently streamlining operations in grocery, hardware, fuel, convenicnece, liquor, and many other retail and government organisation operations.

Enterprise Control

Exceptional and powerful options for centralised control of mutliple trading sites and excellent reporting applications for consolidated enterprise reporting.

Custom Requests

RetailTouch can be customised not only within the flexible and powerful software, but we also take customer progamming requests to provide you with specific features desired.

Request a Custom Quote

Due to its power and flexibility, RetailTouch is installed in a vast array of large and small retail and government organisations. We are able to discuss custom requests and integrations at a highly specialised advanced level, or simpler outright purchase of basic systems with no compulsory ongoing costs.

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