RetailTouch v14.1 - Released: November 2014

We are proud to announce the latest version of RetailTouch (Version 14) is now available. The following are some exciting new features available:

Point of Sale:

  • New feature to allow Emailing of POS invoices for customer and casual/non-debtor sales - one of the most popular new features.

  • Enhanced Reprint command (code 1036) by adding:

    • a new Email button on the Past Sales screen so a sale receipt reprint can now be emailed or printed.

    • new parameter SendEmail. This allows emailing of the previous sale. Prompts for an email address with customer's default if configured.

    • new parameter JobCode. This allows a reprint of the previous sale to a specific printer (eg. kitchen / coffee areas).

  • Enhanced detailed Park Sale slips to work with new POS printing job codes.

  • Enhanced Till Summary by adding:

    • Detail for Operator Discounts on department/miscellaneous sales.

    • Extra details: Store name, shift start time, Item/All Voids, operator discounts, credit sales and No-Sale drawer openings.

    • The configured Store Number to the printed header information, for RetailTouch Multi-store systems.

  • Enhanced A4 receipts/invoices that have been configured with DocPrint, so when printing, the PDF file name is saved as the POS Sale/Invoice Reference.

  • Enhanced Priced Barcodes by adding support for a new type, "Discount/Mark-down Barcode". Configurable in POS under Priced Barcode Formats and supports EAN-14. A separate application (in development) on a portable Windows device is used to scan a product's barcode, enter a discounted sell price, and print a barcode (on an attached portable label printer) to cover the original barcode. This current enhancement allows POS to scan the new discount/mark-down barcode and automatically sell the original product at the new price, showing the discount on the customer display and receipt, and logging it as a system (not operator) discount.

  • Added a new POS option "PrinterForTafmo", allowing POS to print combined receipts/vouchers for both standard POS and XPOS/TAFMO (Touch Networks electronic product sales) to a single RetailTouch printer, configured for either OPOS or Windows. This means POS no longer needs a separate TAFMO printer in some circumstances.

  • Changed the Voucher reprint screen to list entries in order of Sale purchase date. This makes it easier to find a specific Voucher.

  • Enhanced the POS command "SelectOrderRequiredDate" (code 1123) by adding a new parameter to show a time selector. This command can now be used to save date/time for normal sales as well as Customer Supply Orders.

  • Enhanced the POS command "StockDepartment" (code 1043) by adding new parameters for the number of columns and background colour selection (RGB colour code).


  • New Menu

    • Added a new RetailTouch Administration control menu (optional, on by default). This is a separate menu window that can for example run on a second monitor to be always visible for many 1-click Admin functions. Alternately it can be set to automatically minimise when a menu button is clicked, and press Alt-Tab or click the Taskbar icon to switch between Admin and Menu. This new menu improves productivity and provides additional help information about available options.

  • Product Maintenance

    • Added a new "Multi Search" option. This new product finder combines the results of a search by Word, Barcode, PLU, Part  Number and Product Code for maximum speed and efficiency.

    • Added a new System Option "NewCost_MaintMargin". When enabled, a new button appears in Product Maintenance to auto-calculate new Next Sell prices using the current margins, from a new Primary Supplier's cost.

  • Supplier Orders & Deliveries

    • Enhanced Supplier Purchase Orders to allow new purchase orders to be emailed.

    • Enhanced delivery/invoice data imports using basic CSV formatted files. A new option has been added to match by StockID or non-supplier-specific Part Number. Many suppliers can provide delivery data/invoices in electronic form. Check with your suppliers and request a sample delivery/invoice file for ABS POS Systems to assess. Importing delivery/invoice data is accurate and fast.

    • Enhanced Purchase Order Exports to allow units and cartons to be included in the data export for Metcash C-Store and Campbells Cash & Carry.

  • Customers/Debtors

    • Added a new feature for emailing debtor statements and invoices:

    • Enhanced Customer Browser by adding a new button to allow emailing of existing Tax Invoices.

    • Enhanced Business and Persons screens with 3 new check-box email options for "Email POS A4 Invoices", "Email Statements" and "Email Detailed Statements" (including product details).

    • Enhanced Debtor Statements report to allow emailing of regular or detailed statements per account customer.

    • Enhanced Debtor Statements to allow selection of a single customer for print or email.

    • Enhanced Reprinting of Tax Invoices to support emailing of both account and non-account Tax Invoices.

    • Enhanced Tax Invoices (generated with Crystal Reports) by adding optional Tendered Media to Tax Invoice custom layouts.

  • Label Printing

    • Enhanced to allow any product to print any label type regardless of its set type, via a check-box on the Print Label screen.

    • Enhanced to optionally allow adding the primary supplier name to printed labels.

    • Added label printing support for products flagged as Core Range, for example by Metcash host support, for all Core products or just EDD or Black & Gold products.

  • Reports

    • Enhanced Report Designer by adding support for an alternate data source, such as an SQL Server database. Queries must be translated manually or by using a new RetailTouch 'Dialect Translator' utility. Saved Report Designer layouts (.rpl files) will store the alternate database reference. This relates to the powerful new SQL Server database option (see Data Processing & Networking section below).

    • Enhanced Report Designer by adding a Data Source indicator to the right of the Printed Date: [S] for Server or [workstation number] if from the local Jet database.

  • General

    • National Measurement Institute NMI certification for attached weight scales (for RetailTouch POS to auto-read product weights). This is also noted in RetailTouch Help-About screens.


RetailTouch v13.1 - Released: October 2013

Upcoming Features

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