Staff Profiles

The team at ABS POS Systems have all of the skills and knowledge to ensure you get the very best service and support. We are with you every step of the way....

Olly Andruchowycz Director

Olly established ABS POS Systems in 1986 and has developed it into the dynamic business that it is today, employing a dozen people establishing distributors, resellers and service agents nationally, and working closely with many others in software, retailing, warehousing, and distribution, internet commerce, IT, accounting, business and government.

One of his primary roles is that of Systems Analyst, working with our in-house programmers plus end-users, consultants and suppliers in the design and development of software and POS-related systems.

Prior to establishing this business Olly operated a number of successful retail and rental businesses that provided the experience and business understanding needed to develop top-line computer software with the features and ease of use required by dynamic and profitable retail and wholesale businesses.

Alex Holbrook Sales Manager

The sales team will often be your first point of contact with ABS POS Systems. They have at their disposal unequalled depth of experience and knowledge of retailing practices, the latest computer hardware and operating systems, and a thorough knowledge of our full product range as well as other relevant business software.

•The Sales Team work with new or existing customers, from an initial enquiry, presentation and quotation, right through to delivery, installation and implementation.

•They provide relevant, timely and well-informed advice to new and existing customers regarding the products and services that will be most beneficial to their businesses.

•They liaise with the Support and Programming departments to ensure all three departments work together to achieve the best possible outcome for our customers.

Programming Department
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Our Senior Programmer has exceptional levels of knowledge and experience in developing software solutions for retail and wholesale businesses.

The programming team remains pro-active and is continually assessing new developments and standards, so the IT industry changes focus and as new technology becomes commercially viable, ABS is ready.

•The programmers design and develop our new products, including our new RetailTouch program, in consultation with our Systems Analyst and members of the other departments.

•They perform a variety of maintenance functions on our supported existing products, such as our market-leading Stock-Master, Movie Supervisor and Hire Supervisor programs.

•They create the in-house technical documentation used by our support and sales departments.

•They provide the information and programming for ABS to quote on and develop custom software modifications and enhancements for our sales team, reseller network and customers.

•The programmers remain abreast of emerging technologies to ensure ABS POS Systems is ready and able to respond to changing market demands.

Support Department

With a combined wealth of retailing and technical experience literally second to none, the members of our support team are there to answer any questions you might have.

•Our Support Department provides training to new and existing customers.

•Provides telephone, on-line/remote, email, fax and modem support to all our customers.

•Undertake comprehensive ongoing training to ensure the department's knowledge is up-to-date and fully able to meet the changing requirements of our customers.

•Perform in-house testing of our up-coming product releases, which gives them a thorough understanding of our new products and versions well before initial installations

•Install and test new hardware, systems and upgrades for all of our customers.

Administration Staff

Administration staff are typically your first point of contact for all front desk, telephone and fax enquiries, including normal and emergency service requests.

•They add service requests to our Job Queue system, monitor service appointments and contacts, and record customer communications and Job Sheet details.

•They handle accounts including billing, statements and enquiries.

•They work with other ABS staff to provide customers with technical details of services if required.

Staff profiles